Yuppie Puppy Founder,

Katrina Balduzzi

When I started a pet care company in 2009, then known as “Kats n Dogs”, I set certain goals. Keeping the clients (you) happy and your pets entertained has been my main priority. My original love for animals has turned into a very busy business for me and I've had the pleasure of expanding, taking on more clients and finding like minded Dog Walkers to care for your pets as well.

We know how important your animals are to you. We know that you would rather miss the work day or not go on that trip than leave your pet bored and lonely. Yuppie Puppy is here to help, because we know your animals want to go out as much as you do.


We are dedicated to providing reliable, highly personalized and affordable dog walking and pet sitting care. Whether it is for a Dog Walk or a Pet Sitting Visit, our Pet Check TechnologyTM is designed to give you piece of mind while you are away. With it's easy online scheduling, GPS Tracking and email notifications once your walk is complete. 

We treat your dogs (or cats, or rabbits) like our own, that's why when someone asks me if I have a pet , I say: “I have lots of dogs, about 10 cats and few rabbits.” Although, I do have a lovable pit mix, named Parker, waiting for me at home too. 


Being a part of your pets life is our passion.

We are focused on ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and their beloved animals. Because at the end of the day what can be better then coming home to a “waggy tail” and a smiley face?  


Thank you for choosing Yuppie Puppy,

Katrina Balduzzi

Manager & President 

Yuppie Puppy of Boston, llc 



Yuppie Puppy of Boston Dog Walking

“It is a blessing to have Katrina walk him in the afternoons to get him outside. The days she walks him, I come home to a sleeping dog, instead of hyper-Gunner waiting at the door for me." 


-Jenny B, Gunners Mom


"I have been with Katrina since she started out. My guys, Rocco and Louie, love her and she loves them. I trust her completely. Six years and not a single problem!"

​-John B, Rocco and Louie Dad